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Musik Västernorrland

Musik Västernorrland, together with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra makes up the music department of Scenkonst Västernorrlandand has it’s background in the regional music organisation Musik i Västernorrland which was founded in 1988.

Musik Västernorrland produces around 500 concerts and workshops each year and a large part of our audience are children and teenagers taking part of the productions we do for the schools in the region. We also offer numerous public concerts in a wide variety of genres thanks to our close connection to Sweden’s freelance musicians and the hard working civil society venues in the region.

The creativity and artistry of young people is an important part of our work and we have three ensembles for young musicians, Mittfolk (Swedish folk- and world music), LUST (Big band jazz) and SLUSK (choir) and we also arrange classes and workshops for aspiring musicians.

Musik Västernorrland are working under a public commission and shall, according to the directives from the owners, Scenkonst Västernorrland, promote regional, national and international freelance musicians. We are also obliged to promote the creativity and artistry of young people through our ensembles and classes, and by actively supporting and participating in different networks in the music business.